The penultimate bobblehead giveaway is this Saturday afternoon as the Patriots host Old Dominion as part of Homecoming Weekend. To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the school’s first-ever Final Four appearance, bobbleheads of all five starters from that team are being given away throughout the season. So far, Folarin Campbell, Tony Skinn and Jai Lewis have been honored. Against the Monarchs, it’s Lamar Butler’s turn.

Butler, a senior on that team, has gone on to play professionally in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Libya and Turkey. He and his father were just on Lunch with Lindsay this past Tuesday and he’ll be at the game on Saturday.

GoMason Blog had the opportunity to do a Q&A with Butler and here are his responses:

Q – What is your top memory of the Final Four season?

A - That is a tough question being as though I have tons of memories. But I would have to say the final buzzer going off, and the whole entire team celebrating on the tables by our fans! The whole entire arena going bananas!

Q – What does it feel like to walk into the Patriot Center and see the Final Four banner?

A - It feels like we accomplished something major for the school that they can hang their hat on. We brought an excitement that was never seen before there. And I can always bring my family and future family to a game and say look what we did.

Q – What’s been the highlight of your professional career?

A - I would say playing against Mateen Cleaves, who was a former Michigan State player, and he recognized me from the tournament. I grew up watching him lead them to a national championship when I was in high school.

Q – Who is your favorite player on the current team?

A - Cam Long

Q – As a former player, what does Homecoming mean to you?

A - Homecoming is an opportunity for me to reconnect with former teammates and other alumni.  We all have gone our separate ways since graduation but for one day we get to re-live our days at Mason and cheer on the current players.