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(Photo by George Mason Athletics)
Women's Tennis Plays Well at B&S Moore Invitational
Courtesy: George Mason Athletics
Release: 09/23/2012

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The Mason women's tennis team successfully competed in the Bill & Sandra Moore Invitational at the Naval Academy this weekend. Navy hosted teams from George Mason (Mas) Howard (How), Seton Hall (SH), St. Bonaventure (SB), NOVA SE (NSE), Loyola (Loy), Monmouth (Mon), Manhatten (Man), Towson (Tow).

The Patriots were led by Ashley Delaney and Esu Erdenebat who made it to the semi-finals in their flights. Maya Hicks, Brittany Pilkington, Kate Dewberry and Kate Desiatnikova all made the quarter finals of their brackets. Kiersten Pappas saw singles action for the first time since her second shoulder surgery which took place over the summer.

"I am so proud of this young team," commented Coach Curtis. "Currently half of our playing roster is made up of freshmen and they all are showing their value to the team."

A Flight Doubles
Hicks/Pilkington (Mas) def Sandler/Ferrari (Mon) 8-2
Delaney/Pappas (Mas) def Decquir/Droop (Navy) 8-2
Hahn/Ott (Loy) def Hicks/Pilkington (Mas)9-8
Levalli/Rizzolo (NSE) def Delaney/Pappas (Mas)8-4

B Flight Doubles
Erdenebat/Londen (Mas)def Ocker/Grim (Tow) 8-1
Sears/Fisbeck (Navy) def Dewberry/Desiatnikova (Mas) 8-3
Erdenebat/Londen (Mas)def Ellis/D'Arcy (Mon) 8-0
Roberts/Blackwood (NSE) def Erdenebat/Londen (Mas) 8-3

A Flight Singles
Morgus (Loy) def Pappas (Mas) 8-4
Pilkington (Mas) def Sears (Navy) 8-4
Amiri (SB) def Pappas (Mas) 8-5
Sher (SH) def Pilkington (Mas) 6-1, 6-2

B Flight Singles
Erdenebat (Mas) def Kvas (SB) 8-2
Erdenebat (Mas) def Johnson (How) 8-6
Delaney (Mas) def Kaufmann (Navy) 8-1
Erdenebat (Mas) def Droop (Navy) 6-2,6-7, 11-9
Delaney (Mas) def Hughes (Loy) 6-1, 6-1
Winter (Navy) def Erdenebat (Mas) 6-3, 6-2
Antill (Navy) def Delaney (Mas) 6-1, 6-1

C Flight Singles
Hicks (Mas) def Ott (Loy) 9-7
Shoemaker (SH) def Londen (Mas) 8-2
Samlin (Tow) def Hicks (Mas) 6-2, 6-3
Cole (SB) def Londen (Mas) 8-2

D Flight Singles
Dewberry (Mas) def Maffei (Man) 8-2
Desiatnikova (Mas) def Teehan (Mon) 8-0
Dewberry (Mas) def Ciandella (Mon) 8-0
Desiatnikova (Mas) def M. Burke (Tow) 7-4 def
Laskey (Navy) def Dewberry (Mas) 6-2, 6-1
Fisbeck (Navy) def Desiatnikova (Mas) 6-4, 6-1