^ Benefits are received based on gifts made to the Patriot Club general scholarship fund, not sport specific gifts.
● Priority Point formula can be found on the Patriot Club page on GoMason.com
% According to IRS regulations, the tax deductible amount of a donation is reduced by any tangible benefits received by the donor. If a donor receives priority ticket privileges for a gift, the deductible portion is reduced by an additional 20%.
& Requires season ticket purchase.
# One Gold Room pass for each $500.00 donated, up to the number of season tickets possessed. 
x Parking pass priced at $100.00 (based on availability and Patriot Club Priority Points, due by November 1).
** The promoter for certain performances may limit the number of tickets accessible to the Patriot Club.
+ Based on season ticket purchase, up to 4.
* One time gift.

Tax Information
For tax purposes, if you receive benefits for your donation, you are eligible to claim 80% of your total donation. If you choose to forfeit benefits in order to claim 100% of your donation, please check the appropriate box on the Pledge/Contribution form.