We appreciate your support of the Aimee Willard Memorial 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament and Happy Hour held on Saturday, April 16. Approximately $6,400 was raised for the Aimee Willard Endowment from the weekend’s events. Over the past three years this event has raised over $20,000 for the Aimee Willard Endowment.

Thank you to the volunteers, staff, alumni, student-athletes, and sponsors who participated in the weekend activities. A special thank you to our Alumni-Athlete committee members: Billie Sims, '97, MBA '12; Julie Smith, '99; Eileen Pickett, '98; Jill Whalen,'96; Meaghan Kammarman; and Katie McLaughlin.


About Aimee Willard:

Aimee Willard was a student-athlete from Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, and an accomplished member of the George Mason University's Women's Soccer and Lacrosse teams. Aimee earned All-American honors for her outstanding success in lacrosse and All-Conference honors for her contributions to the soccer team. Tragically, in June 1996, her life was ended by a brutal act of violence by a man who had been previously convicted of murder in Nevada and was released after serving 11 years of a life sentence. This year marks the 18th anniversary of Aimee's passing.

In response to Aimee's tragic death and to aid future cases, legislation known as "Aimee's Law" was passed in 2000. Aimee's Law uses federal crime fighting funds to create an incentive for states to adopt stricter sentencing and truth-in-sentencing laws. The law will hold states financially accountable for the tragic consequences of an early release which results in a violent crime being perpetrated on the citizens of another state.

The Aimee Willard Endowed Scholarship was created in December 1996 to honor Aimee Willard.