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(Photo by George Mason Athletics)
Wrestling CAA Duals End With Three Mason Defeats
Courtesy: George Mason Athletics
Release: 01/15/2011

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FAIRFAX, Va. -   The ninth annual CAA Duals took place in the Field House today with all seven CAA teams competing.  Mason was paired up against Rider, Boston University, and Hofstra, and received losses to all three teams.  Denny Herndon was perfect on the day with a 2-0 record.  Jimmy Webb, Jaaziah Bethea, Aaron Keeton and Shohei Takagi also had victories on the day.  Bethea and Herndon each had a major decision. 

Mason took on Rider in the first match of the day and came away with a 29-6 loss.  Denny Herndon and Jimmy Webb both posted victories in the match.  Herndon defeated Aaron Nestor in a tight 3-2 decision and Webb also posted a 3-2 decision over Joseph Ferber.  Rider put up two major decisions in the match and Mason was also forced to forfeit the 133 weight class.  Jim Resnick and Evan Craig picked up the major decisions for Rider.   

In Mason's second match on the day they lost to Boston University by a score of 31-11.  After a fall by Huxford in 0:25 and a forfeit in the 133 weight class, Mason found themselves in a 12-0 hole.  They would then bounce back and win three of the next four matchups bringing the score to 11-15, but Boston University would not lose again.  They finished with three straight wins, including a fall and a major decision.  Denny Herndon and Jaaziah Bethea both recorded major decisions in this match.  Herndon beat Jordan Frease 12-4 and Bethea posted a 13-3 victory over Nick Tourville.  Aaron Keeton also recorded a victory in a 3-1 decision over Kyle Czarnecki.  In the heavyweight matchup, Hunter Manspile lost a 6-4 decision to Alex Najjar in overtime.  Brock Mantella had the major decision for Boston University and John Hall recorded a fall over Jimmy Webb.   

Hofstra was Mason's final opponent and they lost 34-3.  Mason's lone victory was from Shohei Takagi when he defeated Matt Spataro in an 11-8 decision.  Vincente Varela of Hofstra recorded a major decision against Brian Benton and Ben Clymer had a fall against Seth Robertson.

Binghamton was 3-0 in the duals, Hofstra was 3-1, ODU was 2-0-1, Boston University was 1-1-1, Rider was 1-2 and Drexel was 0-2. 

Mason will wrestle again next Thursday, January 20 when they travel to VMI.  That match is set to begin at 7 p.m.


Rider 29 - George Mason 6

125: Chuck Zeisloft (Rider) dec. Zachory Huxford (GMU), 5-4

133: Jimmy Kirchner (Rider) wins by forfeit

141: Denny Herndon (GMU) dec. Aaron Nestor (Rider), 3-2

149: Zac Cibula (Rider) dec. Brandon Bucher (GMU), 5-1

157: Ramon Santiago (Rider) dec. Jaaziah Bethea (GMU), 7-6

165: Jim Resnick (Rider) maj. dec. Jimmy Kaden (GMU), 11-0

174: Rob Morrison (Rider) dec. Aaron Keeton (GMU), 4-1

184: James Brundage (Rider) dec. Seth Roberston (GMU), 9-3

197: Jimmy Webb (GMU) dec. Chris Spagnola (Rider), 3-2

HWT: Evan Craig (Rider) maj. dec. Hunter Manspile (GMU), 9-0

ODU 19 - Boston University 19

125: James Nicholson (ODU) fall Brian Suitor (Boston U.), 4:03

133: Kyle Hutter (ODU) dec. Fred Santaite (Boston U.), 8-2

141: Brennan Brumley (ODU) dec. Jordan Frease (Boston U.), 6-4

149: Joey Metzler (ODU) maj. dec. Nestor Taffur (Boston U.), 15-3

157: Nick Tourville (Boston U.) maj. dec. Chad Lowman (ODU), 8-0

165: Kyle Czarnecki (Boston U.) dec. Dan Rivera (ODU), 5-2

174: Hunter Meys (Boston U.) fall Tristan Warner (ODU), 5:30

184: Billy Curling (ODU) dec. Bran Crudden (Boston U.), 6-0

197: John Hall (Boston U.) dec. Jacob Henderson (ODU), 7-0

HWT: Brock Mantella (Boston U.) dec. Grant Chapman (ODU), 1-0

Binghamton 23 - Hofstra 15

125: Derek Steeley (Binghamton) dec. Steve Bonanno (Hofstra), 11-8

133: Lou Ruggirello (Hofstra) fall Dan Riggi (Binghamton), 0:56

141: Vicente Varela (Hofstra) dec. Anwar Goeres (Binghamton), 7-5

149: Donald Vinson (Binghamton) tech. fall Matt Spataro (Hofstra), 16-0 (3:59)

157: Matt Kaylor (Binghamton) dec. Tyler Banks (Hofstra), 8-5

165: Paul Gillespie (Hofstra)  dec. Justin Lister (Binghamton), 6-3

174: Ryan McGarity (Binghamton) wins by forfeit  

184: Nathan Schiedel (Binghamton) dec. Ben Clymer (Hofstra), 2-0

197: Cody Reed (Binghamton) dec. Matt Loew (Hofstra), 8-5

HWT: Paul Snyder (Hofstra) dec. Daniel Bittner (Binghamton), 7-2

Binghamton 18 - Rider 17

125: Chuck Zeisloft (Rider) dec. Derek Steeley (Binghamton), 3-2

133: Jimmy Kirchner (Rider) maj. dec. Dan Riggi (Binghamton), 9-0

141: Anwar Goeres (Binghamton) dec. Aaron  Nestor (Rider ), 4-0

149: Donald Vinson (Binghamton) dec.  Zac Cibula (Rider ), 7-2

157: Matt Kaylor (Binghamton) dec. Fred Rodgers (Rider ), 11-4

165: Jim Resnick (Rider) maj. dec. Justin Lister (Binghamton), 15-5

174: Rob Morrison (Rider) dec. Ryan McGarity (Binghamton), 7-4

184: Nathan Schiedel (Binghamton) fall James Brundage (Rider), 0:18

197: John Paris (Binghamton) dec. Joseph Ferber (Rider)     , 7-3

HWT: Evan Craig (Rider) dec. Daniel Bittner (Binghamton), 1-0

ODU 22 - Drexel 18

125: James Nicholson (ODU) fall Michael Gomez (Drexel), 2:43

133: Kyle Hutter (ODU) fall Frank Cimato (Drexel), 4:44

141: Brennan Brumley (ODU) fall Joshua Yurasits (Drexel), 1:59

149: Austin Sommer (Drexel) dec. Joey Metzler (ODU), 7-6

157: Charles Aungst (Drexel) dec. Micah Blair (ODU), 5-4

165: Joseph Booth (Drexel) dec.  Dan Rivera (ODU), 9-2

174: Jay Wieller (Drexel) dec. Tristan Warner (ODU), 3-2

184: Joe Budi (ODU) maj. dec. Shawn Fausey (Drexel), 10-0

197: Brandon Palik (Drexel) dec. Jacob Henderson (ODU), 4-2

HWT: Jack Callender (Drexel) dec. Grant Chapman (ODU), 7-4

Hofstra 28 - Boston University 10

125: Steve Bonanno (Hofstra) maj. dec. Chris MGinley (Boston U.), 12-4

133: Lou Ruggirello (Hofstra) dec. Fred Santaite (Boston U.), 4-0

141: Vicente Varela (Hofstra) fall Jordan Frease (Boston U.), 4:43

149: Nestor Taffur (Boston U.) dec. Matt Spataro (Hofstra), 11-5

157: Zach Clemente (Hofstra) dec. Nick Tourville (Boston U.), 7-4

165: Paul Gillespie (Hofstra)  dec. Kyle Czarnecki (Boston U.), 4-0

174: Hunter Meys (Boston U.) dec. Tyler Banks (Hofstra), 4-1

184: Ben Clymer (Hofstra) dec. Brock Mantella (Boston U.), 4-1

197: John Hall (Boston U.) maj. dec. Matt Loew (Hofstra), 15-1

HWT: Paul Snyder (Hofstra) fall Bran Crudden (Boston U.), 4:45

Boston University 31 - George Mason 11

125: Chris MGinley (Boston U.) fall Zachory Huxford (GMU), 0:25

133: Fred Santaite (Boston U.) wins by forfeit

141: Denny Herndon (GMU) maj. dec. Jordan Frease (Boston U.)   , 12-4

149: Nestor Taffur (Boston U.) dec. Donald Takagi (GMU), 10-6

157: Jaaziah Bethea (GMU) maj. dec. Nick Tourville (Boston U.), 13-3

165: Aaron Keeton (GMU) dec. Kyle Czarnecki (Boston U.), 3-1

174: Hunter Meys (Boston U.) dec. James Kaden (GMU),   1-0

184: Brock Mantella (Boston U.) maj. dec. Seth Robertson (GMU), 12-0

197: John Hall (Boston U.) fall James Webb (GMU), 4:27

HWT: Alex Najjar (Boston U.) dec. Hunter Manspile (GMU), 6-4

Hofstra 24 - ODU 9

125: James Nicholson (ODU) dec. Steve Bonanno (Hofstra), 8-3

133: Lou Ruggirello (Hofstra) dec. Kyle Hutter (ODU), 4-0

141: Vicente Varela (Hofstra) dec. Brennan Brumley (ODU), 4-2

149: Joey Metzler (ODU) dec. Matt Spataro (Hofstra), 10-3

157: Zach Clemente (Hofstra) fall Micah Blair (ODU), 0:46

165: Tyler Banks (Hofstra) dec. Dan Rivera (ODU), 4-2

174: Paul Gillespie (Hofstra) dec. Warner, Tristan (ODU), 3-2

184: Ben Clymer (Hofstra) dec. Joe Budi (ODU), 6-3

197: Jacob Henderson (Old Dominion) dec. Matt Loew (Hofstra), 5-3

HWT: Paul Snyder (Hofstra)  dec. Michael Chapman (ODU), 4-0

Binghamton 22 - Drexel 12

125: Michael Gomez (Drexel) dec. Derek Steely (Binghamton), 9-7

133: Frank Cimato (Drexel) dec. Dan Riggi (Binghamton), 8-2

141: Anwar Goeres (Binghamton) dec. Josh Yurasits, 4-2

149: Donald Vinson (Binghamton) maj. dec. Austin Sommer (Drexel), 16-6

157: Matt Kaylor (Binghamton) dec. Charles Aungst (Drexel), 12-8

165: Joey Booth (Drexel) dec. Justin Lister (Binghamton), 8-5

174: Justin Wieller (Drexel) dec. Ryan McGarity (Binghamton), 6-3

184: John Paris (Binghamton) dec. Shawn Fausey (Drexel), 13-6

197: Cody Reed (Binghamton) dec. Brandon Palik (Drexel), 7-6

HWT: Nate Schiedel (Binghamton) fall Jack Callender (Drexel), 1:01

Hofstra 34 - George Mason 3

125: Steve Bonanno (Hofstra) dec. Zachory Huxford (GMU), 10-4

133: Lou Ruggirello (Hofstra) wins by forfeit

141: Vincente Varela (Hofstra) maj. dec. Brian Benton (GMU), 13-2

149: Donald Takagi (GMU) dec. Matt Spataro (Hofstra), 11-8

157: Zach Clemente (Hofstra) dec. Jaaziah Bethea (GMU), 9-2

165: Paul Gillespie (Hofstra) dec. Jimmy Kaden (GMU), 1-0

174: Tyler Banks (Hofstra) dec. Aaron Keeton (GMU), 6-1

184: Ben Clymer (Hofstra) fall Seth Robertson (GMU), 4:37

197: Matt Loew (Hofstra) dec. Jimmy Webb (GMU), 7-3

HWT: Paul Snyder (Hofstra) dec. Hunter Manspile (GMU), 6-0

ODU 22 - Rider 13

125: James Nicholson (ODU) fall Alex Moritz (Rider), 2:20

133: Kyle Hutter (ODU) dec. Jimmy Kirchner (Rider), 10-4

141: Aaron Nestor (Rider) dec. Brennan Brumley (ODU), 3-0

149: Joey Metzler (ODU) dec. Zac Cibula (Rider), 6-2

157: Fred Rodgers (Rider) dec. Micah Blair (ODU), 8-1

165: Jim Resnick (Rider) maj. dec. Dan Rivera (ODU), 14-2

174: Rob Morrison (Rider)dec. Tristan Warner (ODU), 5-1

184: Joe Budi (ODU) maj. dec. James Brundage (Rider), 11-1

197: Jacob Henderson (ODU) dec. Joseph Ferber (Rider), 3-2

HWT: Michael Chapman (ODU) dec. Evan Craig (Rider), 3-1