Student-Athletes Participate in 6th Annual Patriot Club Thank-a-Thon

Over 70 student-athletes, from nine Mason athletic teams, participated in the 6th Annual Patriot Club Thank-a-Thon during the week of April 21st. These student-athletes took time from their busy schedules to call current members of the Patriot Club and thank them for their generous donations during the 2014 fiscal year to the student-athlete scholarship fund.

If you donated this current fiscal year (since July 1, 2013) to the student-athlete scholarship fund and did not receive a call, please contact the Patriot Club at 703.993.3218 or email to ensure we have the correct contact information on file.

The following student-athletes participated in the Thank-a-Thon:

Erin Anderson (Lacrosse), Daianna Barron (Women's Track & Field), Kelli Beard (Lacrosse), Shavon Briscoe (Women's Track & Field), Caroline Brouse (Lacrosse), Nhautrey Brown (Women's Track & Field), Meredith Bush (Women's Volleyball), Angel Coburn (Men's Track & Field), Michael Conway (Men's Cross Country), Chris Cook (Baseball), Stuart Crowell (Men's Track & Field), Patrick Davis (Wrestling), Amanda Denger (Women's Track & Field), George Empty (Men's Track & Field), Blaise Fernandez (Baseball), Bernard Freeman (Men's Track & Field), Jessie Greenslade (Women's Volleyball),  Marcus Hatchett (Men's Track & Field), Caitlyn Hipsher (Women's Volleyball), John Holt (Men's Cross Country), Mackenzie  Johnson (Lacrosse), Za-meir Johnson (Men's Track & Field), Mackenzie Jones (Lacrosse), Jake Kalish (Baseball), Sahid Kargbo (Wrestling), Jake Kettler (Wrestling), Siobhan Klie (Women's Cross Country), Josh Leemhuis (Baseball), Laura Lesky (Lacrosse), Melissa Lobaccaro (Lacrosse), Brooke Lorher (Lacrosse), Luke Ludke (Wrestling), Morghan Martin (Women's Volleyball), Katie Mascolo (Lacrosse), Caitlin McGinn (Lacrosse), Ryan McGreal (Men's Cross Country), Logan Miller (Men's Track & Field), Walter Mitchell (Men's Track & Field), Anthony Montefusco (Baseball), Edward  Murphy IV (Men's Track & Field), Jennifer Nakamura (Women's Cross Country), Sean Nestor (Men's Cross Country), Rachel Obregon (Lacrosse), Elena Obregon (Lacrosse), Tyler Oliver (Men's Cross Country), Lola Owokoniran (Women's Volleyball), James Poyer (Men's Cross Country), Gina Purdue (Lacrosse), Ayodeji Raymond (Men's Track & Field), Chantel Richardson (Women's Track & Field), Jasmine Robinson (Women's Track & Field), Vincent Rodriguez (Wrestling), Kirstin Russell (Lacrosse), Bethany Sachtleben (Women's Cross Country), Victoria Samyn (Women's Cross Country), Annesha Scott (Women's Track & Field), Samantha Scruggs (Lacrosse), Heather Selheimer (Women's Cross Country), Byron Sintim (Men's Track & Field), Da'Quan Smalls (Men's Track & Field), David Stone (Men's Track & Field), Wesley Sun (Men's Track & Field), Kate Tangeman (Lacrosse), Jimi Tele (Men's Track & Field), Andrew Thomas (Wrestling), Alexander Thomas (Wrestling), Katie Treichel  (Women's Cross Country), Adrian Vaughn (Men's Track & Field),  Taylor Washington (Men's Soccer), Taylor Wheaton (Women's Track & Field),  Ashley Wheeler (Lacrosse), and  Caela Williams (Women's Track & Field).


Thanks again Patriot Club donors for your contribution to Mason Athletics and thank you to the student-athletes who participated.